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To receive a student visa, students will need a valid passport, a medical report from their latest physical, proof of health insurance, and proof that they have the necessary finances to cover all travel to and from the country.Students will also need to show proof that they have been accepted into a degree program at a recognized Chinese university, and that all living arrangements while in the country have been finalized.Spanish is the emphasis, but there are also a large number of other modern language courses taught here.The majority of the students are international, especially in the summer; however there are also a significant number of Spaniards.When you pack for Japan, bring a years’ worth of deodorant. Even stores like H&M and Forever 21 markup their products by 10% – 25% in Japan. The problem with public transportation is the fact that it does, in fact, require a bit of walking. And I don’t want to pay for expensive, chic Japanese clothes. One of the things you will learn about Japan is that very few people actually say what they mean.You are not permitted to bring several types of medicine into Japan. Then, when you go travelling, you’re going to walk until your feet are dying (but that’s pretty normal for sightseeing). After spending a year in Japan, I had this wonderful, warm fuzzy feeling back in Texas at Target when a cashier was overly rude to me. This can be especially frustrating if you are living with a host family, dating a Japanese person (or becoming best friends), or joining a Japanese “circle”/school club.

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An educational experience abroad fosters the best kind of intellectual and personal risk-taking. Bradley University is committed to offering students a broad variety of opportunities for international study.

And if you show up with all sorts of ideas of what the country is SUPPOSED to be, you’re only going to end up frustrated. And Western advertisements show the successful people wear deodorant.

Because no matter how much anme you watch (or dramas, silly reality tv shows, and basically everything else on TV), you don’t “know” Japan. Japan is famous for cutting edge technology, anime and manga, sushi, and chic street fashion. However, before you study abroad in Japan, here are 6 things you should know: As I’ve mentioned before, Japanese people rarely wear deodorant. The people who do wear deodorant (women, businessmen) use the product not for its odor cancelling properties, but because it smells nice.

Scholarships for students studying in China are highly competitive, and only the best students will be eligible to receive an award.

We’ve compiled a selection of scholarships and fellowships for students wishing to pursue their studies in China.