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Princess Margaret Cancer Centre: Postdoctoral fellowships in computational biology and machine learning - ONThe Hoffman Lab at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, seeks new members for our team.We develop machine learning techniques to better understand chromatin biology.Hi Gang, Our meeting after this one will be in March, there will be NO February meeting, try to attend this one if you have any questions, also I will have Professor teaches Vista, and/or Professor teaches Office 2007 for sale at a bargain price, plus some Free Tips CDs.We will give a demonstration of Microsoft's Movie Maker, it is really cool, you can put a movie, photos, music, title cards and then covert it to a DVD.

While it's not perfect, it's certainly the best that I've found.I love this device so far and am very interested in hacking around with it, specifically understanding the OS.Here is a pic of the board in it if you are interested(warning, pretty large picture) Luck I have purchassed two of these units and am having the same issues with both.-------------------------------------- A strange event has me puzzled.I was typing an email as a Blind Carbon Copy, when the list of names in my addresses list suddenly flipped.You don't need Picasa 2 or Photo Story 3 for Windows, Movie Maker is so much easier and user friendly.